InLattice now supports automatic creation of QuickBooks Customer Invoices and Vendor Bills by importing JobDiva reports.
If your company or your customers are using JobDiva’s MyTime to enter and submit timesheets and expenses, now you can use InLattce AP/AR Automation service to automate your Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable process automation further.

InLattice new features allow you to:

  • Import JobDiva Reports into InLattice and create customer invoices and export to QuickBooks Desktop/QuickBooks Online. This eliminating data entry, reconciliation issues.
  • Import JobDiva Reports into InLattice and create vendor invoices and export to QuickBooks as Bills. InLattice allows both auto approval of vendor invoices as well as an option for vendors to review and approve the invoice online using a secure portal.
  • Customers and Vendors can view these invoices online.
  • InLattice uses existing Customer, Vendor, Items, Terms in QuickBooks and avoid data entry errors
  • Vendors can view all the invoices, payment status online.
  • InLattice Attachment feature supports invoice supporting documents and Notes features for additional communication.
    In addition, you can use InLattice to make direct payments to Vendors, Employees using ACH NACHA file and share payment information online and with email notifications.

    For more information, please visit

    InLattice Vendor Portal QuickBooks Online
    InLattice Vendor Portal QuickBooks Desktop

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