Go beyond online invoicing
 Provide online access to customers invoices
 Receive payments online by ACH, Credit Cards
 Post payments to QuickBooks


Customer/Vendor ACH Payments

 Get paid faster, easier and cheaper
 Receive payments using ACH/NACHA file
 Stop writing checks
 Make direct deposits to vendors using ACH/NACHA file


Vendor Invoices & Bills

 Simplify and streamline your Accounts Payables
 Eliminate paper invoices, data entry
 Receive vendor invoices online
 Post vendor invoices as bills in QuickBooks


Employee ACH

 Stop writing checks
 Make direct deposits to your employees using ACH/NACHA file
 Send automatic payment notifications to employees

About us

InLattice Document Portal is a web-based service for companies to exchange and manage documents like invoices, purchase orders and payment information with customers and vendors. InLattice Document Portal will help eliminate paper, fax, email based documents and streamline the business processes.

InLattice was developed and hosted by Infonics, Inc., a Chicago based information technology company.

Effective January 01, 2017, Infonics, Inc. has transferred ownership of InLattice to APARA, Inc. and managed by the same team. APARA, Inc. a full service software company providing Information Technology solutions. For more information, please visit APARA, Inc.




QuickBooks Gold Certification

InLattice is a Intuit Certified Gold Application with a customer survey score of 8.9. Intuit Certified Gold Developer Application are the highest rated solution and have been tested and proven to work with QuickBooks. Every Gold and Silver Developer has undergone a rigorous technical review to ensure their solutions will work seamlessly with your QuickBooks



   Our Clients

    Since 2006, we have been helping all types of businesses including professional firms, distributors, service firms, restaurants, property managers and bookkeepers to send    and receive documents communicate with their customers and vendors.

Representative Clients:


  • Customer Invoicing – Authorize online ACH payments
    “InLattice provided us a web based platform that seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, automating our Accounts Receivable process. We create over 3,000 customer invoices every month. Customers are able to view these invoices online with a secured ID and authorize ACH payments. Authorized customer payments are submitted to our bank in NACHA file format and payments posted to QuickBooks with a few mouse clicks. Using InLattice, we are able to streamline our AR process saving hours of manual effort every month.”
  • Vendor Portal – Exactly What We Were Looking For
    “InLattice provided us with exactly what we were looking for at ProTranslating: a way to exchange invoices and bills with customers and vendors without having to manually re-enter the same data. InLattice provides excellent support and came through with every customization that we requested, which at times were complex. We were about to hire another employee to handle our increased volume, but that is no longer necessary. Data entry errors have also decreased. Our vendors adapted well to the change. It is a rather simple system, so not much training is required.”
  • Vendor Direct Deposits Through NACHA File
    “We use InLattice to create NACHA files using QuickBooks payment data, to process vendor direct deposits. The team at InLattice provided outstanding customer service in answering our questions and bent over backwards to show us how InLattice could work in our unique organizational structure. We are an organization with offices and management in many states, and InLattice will no doubt help us grow our business and work more efficiently at the same time.”
  • Employee Direct Deposits Through NACHA File
    “We use QuickBooks to pay our employees working in our various locations. The ACH/NACHA capabilities of InLattice are easy to use, reduces our costs and helps with morale. InLattice is very user friendly and I love it. I’ve recommended InLattice to other companies and will continue to do so.”
  • Online Access to QuickBooks Customer Invoices
    “InLattice is a tremendously helpful system to my business. It allows me to increase productivity and gives my customers a great alternative to paper invoices. Plus, the InLattice support team quickly and efficiently resolved any issues I had during set up.”
  • Excellent AP Solution!
    “Our goal as a company is to eliminate any manual data entry into QuickBooks. InLattice has been the exact type of application we have been looking for to help us get to this goal. We have a long and growing list of vendors that send us invoices. Having the capacity to post these invoices automatically into QuickBooks has taken tremendous strain away from our backoffice. The built-in approval process which InLattice supplies eliminates errors and validates invoices. Our vendors love the system. Creating invoices is a snap for them.”
  • AP Automation – Savings of Thousands of Dollars
    “InLattice provided exactly the solution we were looking for at MotionPoint. Having our vendors’ invoices processed through InLattice saves our Accounts Payable department countless hours of manual inputting, resulting in savings of thousands of dollars. The team has been terrific to work with, making any adjustments necessary to meet our needs. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a way to save time and money.”
  • A Reliable, Reative, Cost Effective, Unique Solution
    “InLattice is a reliable, creative, cost effective, unique solution. I will keep actively suggesting InLattice to appropriate QuickBooks users.”
  • Excellent Supporting Team
    “InLattice was recommended to us by a QuickBooks Pro consultant. InLattice is a very easy to use web based supplier portal to send documents from QuickBooks. We have enrolled over 250 vendors and use InLattice to provide payment remittance information to vendors. We received excellent technical and implementation help from the InLattice support team.”
  • Provide Online Tracking Status
    “We spent a lot of time looking for a web based system to streamline manual processing of invoices from our vendors. We found InLattice which allows us to review invoices and supporting documents on the web, approve them online and post the invoices to our financials. Our vendors now can track the status of their invoices online and they are notified of payment as soon it is created.”
  • User Friendly Application
    “InLattice is a fantastic service for sending and receiving invoices. It is very user friendly.The application helps to reduce invoice discrepancies and provides for quicker resolution of disputes. I wish I had InLattice earlier.”