Vendor Portal for QuickBooks Online

A self-service portal for all your vendors

Your vendors get a secured, dedicated account to login and submit invoices

Receive and Post Invoices as Bills in QuickBooks Online

Notable features

  1. Eliminate Manual entry – Let your vendors do the data entry for you!
  2. Vendors can be set up to use only a few defined item names like Labor, Material, Mileage etc
  3. Streamline and Automate – Eliminate multiple channels (Paper, Email, Fax etc.) of receiving invoices
  4. Dedicated and Secure Account for you and your Vendors
  5. Attachment and Notes for easy communication
  6. Approval processing
  7. Smart Posting – System automatically learns how your map your Invoice lines to bill lines
  8. Create Customer Invoice from Vendor Invoice with markup – System allows you to create customer invoice with predefined markup, item name change etc. These invoices can be exported to QuickBooks.
  9. Bulk Posting – Save time; even more!!
  10. Email notifications
  11. Ease of use
 Invoice approval module allows manager to approve invoice, before posting bills to QuickBooks Online
 It is also useful when book keepers require client approval for posting of vendor invoices to QuickBooks
 While creating bills, system uses memorized data to map vendor bill item name to QuickBooks bill item name, to reduce data entry and provide consistency
 Once the mappings requirements are setup, you will be able to post multiple vendor invoices as bills, with a single click
 Additional validations can be set up like, set Billable to Yes, if Customer Job is assigned, you can make customer job as a required field
 Set payment date automatically, based on invoice received date, payment terms
 Keep track of when Invoice is received
 You and your vendors can view old invoices online for up to three years, including notes and attachments
 Vendor can see document history, including when the invoice was viewed, approved and posted to QuickBooks Online. Reduces vendor queries on invoice status.
 Receive invoices from vendor and create customer invoices with appropriate markup automatically.
 You can predefine the rate you want to charge your customers – mark up by percentage or specific amount for each invoice item.
 Send invoices to customer and export it to QuickBooks.

Process Flow Screen        Process Flow Screen

Create Invoice Screen        Create Invoice Screen


Bill Posting Screen        Bill Posting Screen


Document History Screen        Document History Screen