InLattice now allows you to receive invoices from vendor and create customer invoices with appropriate markup automatically.

You can predefine the rate you want to charge your customers – mark up by percentage or specific amount for each invoice item. For example, professional charge item can be marked up by 15% and Travel Charges can be billed to customers without markup.

This feature is very useful when the service provided to your customer is outsourced to your vendors.

If you are a Desktop or Online QuickBooks user, you can post the vendor invoice as Bills in QuickBooks…

We are happy to announce that we have added support for recurring invoices. With this capability, you will be able to create and send recurring invoices to your customers with a pre-defined frequency (Monthly/Weekly). Invoices can either be automatically sent or just created in your draft folder for you to review and send.

Special Pricing for Multiple InLattice Accounts for Bookkeepers, CPA Firms

Inlattice now offers a special pricing for Bookkeepers, CPA Firms with consolidated single monthly bill and big savings. Firms that require multiple InLattice accounts can avail this facility by contacting

Features of Special Pricing include:

  • One single monthly billing for multiple accounts with multiple QuickBooks files.
  • All transactions from multiple accounts are combined for billing purpose.
  • Additional charges of $5.00 per month per account.


Total charges per month to support 5 InLattice accounts with total 150 transactions.

Regular price $25 per account * 5 accounts = $125 per month.
Special Price $25 Silver…

InLattice Vendor Portal – Create Invoice Feature

While creating invoices, each vendor has their own way to name item names. For example, some may call an item Labor, other may call it Labor Charges, and someone else may call it professional charges.

InLattice clients have requested features to streamline this process. Now Inlattice clients can define their own Item Lists that all their vendor will use while creating invoices in InLattice. Vendors can make changes to Item Description, change the Price.

Here is an example where only four items like Labor, Materials.. are provides in create invoice screen:

InLattice Features – Create QuickBooks invoice on cloud and export it to QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop later.

In many instances, you want your staff to create customer invoices on the web, without providing them full online access to your QuicBooks file. For example, a service technician should be able to create a customer invoice immediately after his/her work, using the standard items, expense accounts set up in your QuickBooks. Also, you should be able to import these invoices into QuickBooks, without any data entry. You may want any supporting documents to be attached to invoice and add additional notes…

Although NACHA files are of standard format, different banks require slight variations in the file to accommodate their processing needs. Therefore, InLattice has built-in capabilities to generate file with appropriate variations. InLattice generated NACHA file is currently used by clients banking with a wide-variety of big and small banks/credit unions. Here’s quick sample (just for illustrative purposes).

  • 1st Enterprise Bank
  • AFCU
  • Ally Bank
  • American Express FSB
  • American National Bank
  • Bank of Albaquerque
  • Bank of America
  • Bank of Missouri
  • Capital One
  • JP Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank
  • Citi Bank
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • HSBC Bank USA
  • Key Bank
  • Presidio Bank
  • Royal Bank…

InLattice is widely used across user segments in various industries. We recently did a quick analysis of the business classification of our various clients. Here is a broad overview of where our clients fall into.

  • Staffing/Consulting
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Communications
  • Local government
  • Travel, Food & Entertainment
  • Education
  • Housing & Construction
  • Airline
  • Community Services


InLattice supports multi currency payments in QuickBooks Vendor Portal

InLattice vendor portal for QuickBooks is being used by many clients to distribute vendor payment confirmation documents in multi currency environment.

At the time of InLattice registration choose the appropriate currency symbol at Clients can register with multiple currency and connect the accounts to same QuickBooks.

For additional currency symbols, please contact

InLattice has received 5/5 (Five Star) rating from QuickBooks users.

Please see Intuit App Center for details at Intuit App Center

InLattice a Necessity by Courtney Sutton on August 28, 2017
***** 5/5

We wanted to upgrade to pay our vendors via ACH funds transfer (saves SO much time from writing checks & worrying about if they get delivered on time) but Quickbooks would not communicate directly with the bank software. InLattice was the only way to make it work and has done a great job for us. Our vendors appreciate the auto-emails generated detailing which bills we are paying…

InLattice Vendor Portal for QuickBooks Online – automates processing vendor invoices, creating bills in QuickBooks, distributing POs and Payment information. NACHA file for vendor direct deposits

Schaumburg, United States, August 14, 2017 – APARA, Inc. is pleased to announce InLattice Vendor Portal for QuickBooks Online that supports posting of vendor bills into QuickBooks Online and vendor direct deposit using NACHA/ACH transactions.

InLattice Vendor Portal for QuickBooks Online automates the handling of incoming invoices from vendors, posting of bills into QuickBooks Online and automates the distribution of POs and payment information to vendors.

Using InLattice Vendor Portal for QuickBooks Online, companies can ask…