Once you have successfully disconnected your InLattice subscription from QuickBooks Online, you can re-connect using the instructions below.

If you would like to reconnect, please login to InLattice, then goto QuickBooks Interface->Try to refresh any of the Lists.

This should prompt you to re-login and re-establish connectivity to QuickBooks Online company.

We are excited to announce that InLattice now supports QuickBooks Online. With the exception of Employee Payments, InLattice supports all AP/AR Automation scenarios such as send and receive online Invoices, ACH and Paypal Payments etc.

Over the past several years, we have made numerous updates to InLattice functionality, but most interesting and most requested of all was the customization and branding capabilities we recently added to InLattice.

You can get a feel for see these features using Demo Ids that we have setup. Please keep in mind only the main subscriber (free or paid) of InLattice is allowed to customize the look and feel of the application.

Larry’s Landscaping demo account is the main subscriber and when you login using this account, you will see the “Application Settings” link under the Settings tab…

Managing accounts payable can be very labor-intensive process. Vendor invoices are received through mail, fax and emails. Paper shuffling, filing, searching for a specific invoice, verifying the supporting documents, getting manager’s approval, entering invoices to accounting packages, making payments through checks requires considerable staff time. Also, 80% of the regular invoices are received by 20% of the vendors. This article is about how to manage these 80% of regular invoices and streamline vendor invoice processing steps to achieve better utilization of accounts payable staff time.

Let us say you are a professional consulting company that uses a lot of subcontractors….

How do you send invoices to your customers? Even in this digital age, majority of business to business invoices are sent through email, fax and snail mail. Major issues related to paper based invoices include:

  • Staff time spent on printing, mailing/emailing and faxing invoices
  • Customers not receiving invoices
  • Delayed payments as payment terms starts from the date of receipt
  • No confirmation that the invoice has been received by the customer
  • Data entry errors in processing invoices
  • Managing invoice discrepancies

InLattice Document Portal offers a simple online application that allows firms to offer online accesses to customer invoices. The features include:

  • All customer invoices up to two years…

Who can use ACH? Any company, that receives recurring payments from customers or makes payments to vendor can benefit from using ACH transactions. ACH transactions are processed through your banks and most of the banks offer ACH support.

What are the benefits of using ACH? The accounts payable and account receivable process can be streamlined using ACH payment transactions. Processing checks – making vendor direct deposit and receiving customer payment – involves considerable staff time, delay in payment process and payment reconciliation issues. If you are receiving payments using credit cards, you will be paying 2-2.5% in credit cards fees….

If you receive a lot of invoices from Vendors, InLattice can save you quite a bit of time by automating the Bill creation process. As you use InLattice to Post bills from Vendor Invoices, InLattice will learn the mapping that you use from Invoice lines to Bill Lines. Subsequent bills created from same Vendor will be automatically mapped using the previously learned mapping. So, after creating a few bills, new bills can be posted just with a click of a button.

Here’s a quick ‘how to’ – of this using the Live Demo Ids (Larry’s Landscaping and its Vendor…

We are happy to announce that we have added a new feature to support creating ACH/NACHA file for Employee Direct Deposit Payments from QuickBooks Payroll data. With this feature, businesses can extract Employee Payroll information from QuickBooks into InLattice and then create a NACHA file. This file can then be uploaded to the banks for further processing.

This feature is similar to our Vendor Direct Deposit payments feature that many businesses are already using.

Please look for upcoming posts that will show how easy it is to create Employee Payments ACH file from InLattice .

Account Payable Solution for QuickBooks Users

InLattice document portal has been providing AP automation tools for QuickBooks users since 2006. Over the years, we have developed a mature, flexible solution with the following features. Clients can choose any or all the listed features.

Processing e-invoices:

1. Receive invoices from vendors through InLattice Vendor portal. Have online access to invoices, attachments. Streamlines the vendor invoice receiving process
2. Convert e-invoices into QuickBooks bills. This solution eliminates handling of paper, email, fax based invoices. Data entry of QuickBooks is reduced, as vendors, items, quantities and amount is mapped automatically.
3. Online approval process streamlines communication between manager – vendor…