InLattice Features – Create QuickBooks invoice on cloud and export it to QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop later.

In many instances, you want your staff to create customer invoices on the web, without providing them full online access to your QuicBooks file. For example, a service technician should be able to create a customer invoice immediately after his/her work, using the standard items, expense accounts set up in your QuickBooks. Also, you should be able to import these invoices into QuickBooks, without any data entry. You may want any supporting documents to be attached to invoice and add additional notes to the invoice – that are public or private (Notes can be viewed by users of your company only).

InLattice helps you do this, which will streamline your customer invoicing process.

Once you signup with InLattice, import your customer list, item list and expense list from your QuickBooks and set up your customer account.

Your staff will be able to create invoices online from anywhere, anytime. Attachment of supporting documents, Notes are supported. If this invoice is sent to customer, your customer will be able to click on the email link and view/print this invoice.

These invoices can be exported to QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop, without any data entry.

A Case Study:

A business owner was emailing word/excel invoices to the customer and it was copied to bookkeeper for entering into QuickBooks. It was difficult to keep track of emailed invoices and the bookkeeper had to print and reenter these invoices into QuickBooks for accounting purpose.

By using InLattice, the business owner is able to streamline the entire process. All invoices sent to customers are automatically added to QuickBooks. It has resulted in big savings, as bookkeeper no longer required to track these emails and reenter the invoices.

InLattice benefits include:

• Streamlined Account Receivable, Accounts Payable process
• Decreased paper usage
• Easy search and retrieval of e-documents
• Savings in document tracking, data entry and telephone calls
• Anywhere, anytime online access to documents in multi location/bookkeeping environment

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