Customer Account Center for QuickBooks Online

Your customers get a dedicated account to login and view all your invoices

Customer can view, pay and print invoices just by clicking on invoice link in email

Setup automatic late payment email notification and optionally, generate late payment invoice

Supports, BluePay, PayPal Pro, PayPal Express Checkout, Braintree, Stripe Payment Gateway, to get paid with any credit cards.

Create invoices online and post it to QuickBooks later

Online payment with Credit Card, ACH and payment posting to QuicBooks Online

Notable features

  1. Invoices can be created either online or in QuickBooks
  2. Provide online access to customer invoices
  3. Online Payment Processing – Receive payments online by ACH, Credit Cards
  4. Partial payment option
  5. Post payments to QuickBooks Desktop
  6. Dedicated and Secure Account for you and your customers
  7. Ability to setup automatic late payment email notification and optionally, generate late payment invoice
  8. Attachment and Notes for easy communication
  9. Email notifications
  10. Ease of use
 System allows either import of invoices created in QuickBooks or invoices can be created online on the web without access to QuickBooks
 Useful to allow field staff to create invoices at the customer premises
 Online invoices can be exported to QuickBooks, without re-entering it in QuickBooks
 You can enable setup to automatically generate payment pending notification email
 Automatically generate late fee/interest invoice
 Late fee calculation based on either by percentage of balance due amount or fixed fee
 When invoices are sent, customers will receive an email, with a link to the invoice
 Payment can be made using credit card, ACH, based on your requirement
 Partial payment supported
 Payments can be posted to QuickBooks, with no data entry
 Each document history is tracked including when it was sent, viewed by customers, paid etc.
 Customers can view old invoices online for up to three years
 All notes and attachments are also kept for three years

Process Flow Screen        Process Flow Screen

Create Invoice Screen        Create Invoice Screen


 Invoice Payment Screen        Invoice payment Screen


Payment History Screen        Payment History Screen