Up to 3500 transactions

$250 / month

  • E-mail Support
  • Phone Support


Up to 2000 transactions

$ 150 / month

  • E-mail Support
  • Phone Support


Up to 700 transactions

$ 90 / month

  • E-mail Support
  • Phone Support


Up to 300 transactions

$50 / month

  • E-mail Support
  • Phone Support


Up to 100 transactions

$25 / month

  • E-mail Support


Up to 10 transactions


  • E-mail Support

Special Pricing for Multiple InLattice Accounts:

  • Mostly used by Bookkeeping firms, CPAs.
  • One single monthly billing for multiple accounts with multiple QuickBooks files.
  • All transactions from multiple accounts are combined for billing purpose.
  • Additional charges of $5.00 per month per account.

Please contact to avail special pricing for multiple accounts.


 Total charges per month to support 5 InLattice accounts with total 100 transactions.
 Regular price $25 per account * 5 accounts = $125 per month.
 Special Price $25 Silver Plan Account with 100 combined transactions +
 5 accounts * $5 per account = $50 per month.
 Special pricing savings $75 per month.

  • All plans allow you to create unlimited customer, vendor, employee accounts in InLattice
  • System will retain documents of previous three years in all plans.
  • Only paid plans allow you to create NACHA file
  • E-Mail Support response within 1 business day
  • Phone support 7am – 7pm Central, Mon – Fri.
Paypal Auto Subscription is setup on sign up; Fee is charged monthly, after one month trial period
FREE implementation support available on request. Support includes:
  • Help with ACH Payment Gateway setup, based on your banks requirements.
  • Installing the QuickBooks Web Connector Application to communicate with QuickBooks Desktop file.
  • Support to connect with QuickBooks Online file.
Paid implementation support available on request to adding large number of customers, vendors, employees accounts in InLattice.
Transactions are calculated monthly for the following:
  • When your InLattice account sends or receives an invoice, purchase order, payment or check information. A document may include up to 25 line items.
  • Online credit card payment, ACH payment authorization by a customer.
  • Posting to QuickBooks of bills, payments and sales orders.
  • Each detail line of a NACHA file for credit or debit.
  • Send an invoice to a customer counts as one transaction.
  • Vendor sends an invoice to you and you post the bill to your QuickBooks is two transactions.
  • You send an invoice to a customer, the customer authorizes a payment online, you create a NACHA detail line the that payment and post the payment to QuickBooks results in four transactions.
  • A NACHA file detail line credit or debit is created and the payment information is sent to the trading partner resulting in a count of two transactions.
  • When the number of transactions exceeds the maximum transactions allowed by the subscription level, subscribers will be notified to upgrade their plans to the next level.
  • However, to accommodate occasional spurt in usage – not more than two times in six months period and not exceeding 10% of maximum transactions allowed will NOT be considered for upgrade.
  • There is no charge or a count limit for notes added to transactions.
  • Attachments are limited to 1MB total, per transaction.
  • Up to five documents can be attached per transaction.