Vendor Portal for QuickBooks Desktop

Simplify & Streamline Your AP – Eliminate Data Entry

Receive Vendor Invoices and Post it as Bills in QuickBooks

  Receive vendor invoices online
  Post vendor invoices as Bill to QuickBooks
  Online approval option
  Attachment, Notes can be added to invoices
  Track document history

The process includes registration, one time setup of vendor accounts, receiving vendor invoices and posting bills to QuickBooks.


How it Works?

  1. Register with InLattice.
  2. Download and install the free QuickBooks Web Connector file- When you login first time, the below screen gives the link to download QuickBooks Web Connector file.
Download .qwc file Screen

On click of “click here” your browser’s file download dialog box is brought up. When this box appears, choose “Ok”, and put the file somewhere on your computer where you can easily find it, such as on your desktop. This is the InLattice application file.
.qwc file download

QuickBooks Web Connector file can also be downloaded from QuickBooks Interface screen after logging in.

Download .qwc file in Quickbooks Interface Screen after login

  1. Setup InLattice with the QuickBooks Web Connector – To begin this step, start QuickBooks on your computer and open your company file. Double click on the saved file, the below window appears, click OK.
Authorize new web service

The QuickBooks Web Connector window will appear with the InLattice application listed.

  1. Run the QuickBooks Web Connector – To make InLattice active, follow these two steps
  1. Enter your Inlattice password into the password field. This is the password that you use when you log in to the Inlattice.
  2. Check the check box in the left column and click “Update Selected”.

Note: If you change your password in the Inlattice, you will need to change it in the QuickBooks Web Connector window.

QuickBooks Web Connector

Password can be saved and no need of entering password every time when Web Connector is run.

  1. Upload QuickBooks Vendor List – This can be done using InLattice > Settings > QuickBooks Interface > Refresh Vendor list option
  2. Setup Vendor Accounts in InLattice – Go to Settings >Go to Settings > Add users to add vendor accounts to InLattice. Based on your set up, you can also enter vendor bank information here.
  3. Settings > Add Users > Add Vendors Screen (Bank information is optional)

    Whenever new vendors added to QuickBooks,
    1. Upload QuickBooks Vendor List
    2. Setup New Vendor Accounts in InLattice

    Use Settings > Application Settings screen to enable/disable various features of InLattice, setup user preference and banners, header images etc.

  4. Send Vendor Login information to vendors – You will receive email notification with vendor userid and password. (InLattice Support Team can set up user accounts, after the vendor list is uploaded to InLattice)

If you receive a lot of invoices from Vendors, InLattice can save you quite a bit of time by automating the Bill creation process. As you use InLattice to Post bills from Vendor Invoices, InLattice will learn the mapping that you use from Invoice lines to Bill Lines. Subsequent bills created from same Vendor will be automatically mapped using the previously learned mapping. So, after creating a few bills, new bills can be posted just with a click of a button.

Here’s a quick ‘how to’ Guide

Vendor Creates an Invoice – with Rose Plants, Patio Lighting and Porch Lighting as Line Items.

Create Bill – Once this Invoice is received, you will create a Bill, InLattice will automatically map the known items in the Invoice line to Bill Line. Notice that Rose Plants is already mapped however Porch Lighting and Patio Lighting is not mapped since this is the first Invoice from this Vendor using that item.

Mapping – You can double clicks on the unmapped Items and manually map them for this Invoice

After mapping, invoices are posted as bills.

Automatic Mapping – When vendor sends a new Invoice with same item

And you try to create the bill, the system automatically maps the Invoice lines to Bill Lines for Patio Lighting (in Invoice) to Lighting (in Bill).

The invoice can be posted as bills, with no data entry.

In summary,

  1. Vendors creates invoices online.
  2. Attaches any supporting documents
  3. Sends the invoices
  4. You will post invoices as bills to QuickBooks, with automatic mapping of invoice line items to bill line items.


  1. InLattice also provides a “Bulk Posting” feature which uses the automatic mapping logic and allows posting of multiple vendor invoices with a single click that can save a lot of time and effort.
  2. Also, invoices can be received by the manager and sent account staff, after the approval by the manager.

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