InLattice has received 5/5 (Five Star) rating from QuickBooks users.

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InLattice a Necessity by Courtney Sutton on August 28, 2017
***** 5/5

We wanted to upgrade to pay our vendors via ACH funds transfer (saves SO much time from writing checks & worrying about if they get delivered on time) but Quickbooks would not communicate directly with the bank software. InLattice was the only way to make it work and has done a great job for us. Our vendors appreciate the auto-emails generated detailing which bills we are paying & I like the reports that I can save for my records. Their customer service dept. is very helpful & easy to access if you ever need anything. I highly recommend this software for paying bills via ACH!

Awesome AP Solution! by Jamie Bednarek on August 28, 2017
***** 5/5

We starting using InLattice for our AP in 2015. It was a game changer for our AP process. We have hundreds of vendors which we pay via ACH. Prior to using InLattice this was a very tedious and time consuming process. Now we can easily upload bill payment information from QB, create NACHA files, and notify our vendors of payment, all within about five minutes. It was the perfect solution for our company, and our vendors like it too!

Tried & True Product by Terry Ratcliffe on August 28, 2017
***** 5/5

The District has used this product in excess of 5 years to create Payroll NACHAS files and is very happy to endorse its functionality. On the very few occasions assistance has been needed all concerns have been promptly and courteously attended to. The interface is easily understood by a bookkeeping professional.

We thank our customers for the great feedback.

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