Customer/Vendor Payments ACH/NACHA for QuickBooks Online

Get paid faster, easier and cheaper

Receive payments using ACH/NACHA file

Make direct deposits to vendors

Stop writing, mailing checks

Notable features

  1. Supports various ways to create ACH NACHA file, based on data in QuickBooks
  2. Customer can authorize payments online
  3. Pre-approved payments can be processed based on invoices in QuickBooks
  4. Vendor direct deposit based on payments in QuickBooks
  5. Email notifications of payments
 ACH provides a cheaper, faster way to get paid compared to credit card payment or check payment
 NACHA file is created, without any additional data entry
 Used for collecting pre-approved rent, monthly services charges, membership fee for associations
 Online payments are posted to QuickBooks
 Stop writing, mailing checks; Make direct deposit to vendors
 Payments based on data already created in QuickBooks
 Automatic email notification about direct deposit to vendors
 Most of the banks accept ACH/NACHA file to process customer payments, vendor direct deposits.
 System provides a authorized payment report, before creating the NACHA file

Process Flow of Customer Payment ACH/NACHA Screen  Process Flow of Customer Payment ACH/NACHA Screen

Process Flow of Vendor Payment ACH/NACHA Screen  Process Flow of Vendor Payment ACH/NACHA Screen


 Authorize Payment Screen      Authorize Payment Screen


Direct Deposit Email Notification Screen  Direct Deposit Email Notification Screen