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InLattice is Web-based Service that lets you to exchange documents such as Invoices, Purchase Orders, Payment Information etc. with your customers, vendors and employees. In most cases, you can directly import/export these documents from your Accounting Package such as QuickBooks which eliminates the need for any additional data-entry in InLattice. You can also attach notes and other supporting documents. InLattice also supports customer online payment by credit card, creating NACHA file to support direct deposits to vendors, employees and customer payments.

It is a system that is

 very easy to use
 protected & highly secure
 available 24×7
 requires no hardware or software to buy

Based on the user feedback received over the years, we have made improvements to InLattice. Major changes include the following:


 Send invoices to customers through email link and get confirmation when customer views the invoice.
 Start page option to go to any page like Create Invoice, View Payment Inbox etc. after logging in – Use Update Profile/Preference link to choose your preference

Create Invoice

 Supports multiple date formats (mm-dd-yyyy, dd-mm-yyyy), currencies like Dollar, Euro, Pounds
 Displays the most recent invoice number
 Auto increment invoice number option – Use Update Profile/Preference link to enable the option
 Can create new invoices based on the most recent invoices to reduce data entry – Use Update Profile/Preference link to enable the option
 Use predefined item list with description, price to create invoice lines – Use Update Profile/Preference link to enable the option

Online Payments

 InLattice can be configured to allow customers to make partial payment by credit card.

InLattice supports recent versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Fire Fox, Safari and Chrome

InLattice can be used to send customer invoices, receive vendor invoices. You can also send purchase orders to vendors, payment data to your vendors and employees. Any supporting documents can be attached to invoices and purchase orders.

No. InLattice is not an Accounting System.

If you already use an Accounting system such as QuickBooks, InLattice can help you exchange/track documents such as Invoices, Bills, Purchase Orders and Payment Information.

Please note that InLattice does not require an Accounting Package. You and your trading partners can create and exchange documents without using an Accounting Package.

InLattice currently supports the desktop versions QuickBooks starting from QuickBooks 2003 to most recent version of QuickBooks. InLattice also supports Canadian and UK version of QuickBooks 2005 and above.

You can also use InLattice without an Accounting Package.

Yes, you can create invoices on the web. While creating invoices on the web, you can also maintain an item list and use it instead of typing the same items repeatedly. In addition, you can use previously saved invoice to create the new invoice. There is an option to auto increment the invoice number.

We take extreme measures to ensure data security.

 All transactions between the browser and our server are SSL (Secure Sockets Layer/HTTPS) encrypted.
 Our database is highly secured and protected.
 All the passwords are encrypted.

Yes. We can replace InLattice banner with your company banner. In addition, the color theme of the application can be changed to match the banner color theme.

Yes. You can add company logo as well as additional footer images (like D&B reporting sticker) to the invoices automatically.

You can request your customers to pay invoices online. You need to have a merchant account. If you include your merchant account details in InLattice, a payment button will be added to your invoice. Customer can pay the invoice by clicking on the payment link using their credit card or PayPal account. Payment gateways supported include Authorize.Net, Paypal Pro, PayPal Express.

When a document is sent to a customer/vendor, an email notification is sent. Email includes a link to the document. When the email recipient clicks on the document or logs in to InLattice and views the document, the document status is changed. Time stamp will be logged in the system. Document history will provide the details.

Yes. Your customer can login to InLattice, from your website. You just need to add a link to InLattice login page.

Yes. Instead of faxing/emailing invoices, InLattice can be used to send invoices to the factoring companies. You can also confirm the factoring company has received the invoices.

Accounting Package Integration is achieved with the help standard tools supplied by the accounting packages. In case of QuickBooks, QuickBooks Web Connector (QWC) is used for export and import of data into QuickBooks.
QWC is free and gets installed as part of QuickBooks installation.

With multiple user accounts, InLattice can support online invoice approval process. User account – typically a manger who can approve the invoice, can be set up to receive vendor invoices. On approval, invoices will get automatically forwarded to the next user – typically an accounting staff for further process.

Bookkeepers can use InLattice to provide online access to their client’s documents like customer invoices, vendor invoices etc. Bookkeeper’s client’s can approve vendor invoices online, for payments. Client’s can also check the payment status of customer invoices.

If your company has a ACH account with any bank, you can use InLattice to create the NACHA file. When invoices are sent, a “Pay through ACH” button is added to the invoice. Customers can authorize ACH payments after reviewing the invoice information.Similarly, you can pay vendors and employees through direct deposit. NACHA file can be created with a click of a button

InLattice uses the ACH account information, customer/vendor bank account and invoice data to create NACHA file. These files can be downloaded to PC and sent to bank for further process.

System will retain documents of previous three years in all plans, including attachments and notes.
Data will be purged after the third year.

Yes. InLattice can be configured to allow customers to make partial payment by credit card.


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