Special Pricing for Multiple InLattice Accounts for Bookkeepers, CPA Firms

Inlattice now offers a special pricing for Bookkeepers, CPA Firms with consolidated single monthly bill and big savings. Firms that require multiple InLattice accounts can avail this facility by contacting

Features of Special Pricing include:

  • One single monthly billing for multiple accounts with multiple QuickBooks files.
  • All transactions from multiple accounts are combined for billing purpose.
  • Additional charges of $5.00 per month per account.


Total charges per month to support 5 InLattice accounts with total 150 transactions.

Regular price $25 per account * 5 accounts = $125 per month.
Special Price $25 Silver Plan Account with 150 combined transactions + 5 accounts * $5 per account = $50 per month.

Special pricing savings $75 per month.

Please contact to avail special pricing for multiple accounts.

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