InLattice now allows you to receive invoices from vendor and create customer invoices with appropriate markup automatically.

You can predefine the rate you want to charge your customers – mark up by percentage or specific amount for each invoice item. For example, professional charge item can be marked up by 15% and Travel Charges can be billed to customers without markup.

This feature is very useful when the service provided to your customer is outsourced to your vendors.

If you are a Desktop or Online QuickBooks user, you can post the vendor invoice as Bills in QuickBooks and newly created customer invoice can be exported to QuickBooks as Invoice with no data entry.

Vendor Invoice Received:

Customer Invoice with Markup Product by 10% and Hours by 20%. Also, item name changed from ‘Hours’ to ‘Labor’ with description ‘Professional Fees’

The invoice created in InLattice can be exported to QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop.

In Summary,

• Receive Vendor invoices
• Post it as Bills in QuickBooks
• Also, Create a Customer Invoice with predefined markup, item name change
• Add additional supporting documents for proof of delivery
• Send it to customer
• Export customer invoice to QuickBooks.

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